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  1. I just want to start off by saying thank you to the GreenSock Crew for this amazing product. I'm for the most part self taught, and found tweening, especially in actionscript 2, to be a tremendous pain in the butt. That said, i wanted to give back to the community for what they've given me to make this small project. It's small, and insigificant now, but it has use to be reused in nearly every flash document i create from here on. Through GreenSock, I've gone through several hours (hush, i'm bad with math lol) of painstaking brainwork to creat a dynamic scroll pane, sectioned out and set up so that it can be dropped into any other project, quickly configured- even by those who have little to no flash knowledge of intense programming- and put to use. At this time, i personally only have need of vertical scrolling, however, if anyone would like the source, just post an email address or something and i would be happy to send it to you. I would host it myself, but i have no way to cover the kind of bandwidth this kind of thing could have on my little web server . Unless perhaps a GS cremember reads this, which i hope you do, Thank you! and wants to host the source here. Here is the sample i made. Again- Thank you GS, and thank you internet- full of helpful tutorials. http://www.koldstudio.com/forumtest .__. and now upon testing, the scroll wheel part doesnt work in firefox 3 :\ oh well. sorry guys, i tried.