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  1. thought i'd upload a screenshot of what is happening in the TextField. (the dotted lines are just the stroke i drew around the TextField) if anyone has had this happen, please help!! thanks in advance!!
  2. thanks for getting back to me. sadly, i'm thinking it might be a bug within flash cs4. I can't get it to represent the cursor position correctly with Monotype Corsiva as the font in the input TextField. ugh!!
  3. I have an input TextField inside of a MovieClip and when the .swf loads, that movie clip is scaled ( using tweenmax ) to 50%. When i click a button, it makes the movieclip scale back to 100% ( again, using TweenMax ) , and when i place my cursor inside the TextField the cursor is sometimes off by over a character. any idea as to why this is happening? thanks!
  4. i'm wondering if there's a way to click on a TransformItem and then be able to click on a specific other item on the stage, without losing focus on the TransformItem selected. thanks!
  5. and i fixed it by doing this instead: var testA:Number = .75; var testB:Number = 0; var testC:Number = 0; var testD:Number = .75; var testX:Number = 0; var testY:Number = 0; myObject.transform.matrix = new Matrix(testA, testB, testC, testD, testX, testY); wahoo!
  6. in trying to apply the new matrix, it is giving me the following error: Here's what i have: var testA:Number = .75; var testB:Number = 0; var testC:Number = 0; var testD:Number = .75; var testX:Number = 0; var testY:Number = 0; myObject.transform.matrix = new Matrix(testA.a, testB.b, testC.c, testD.d, testX.tx, testY.ty); help!!
  7. i'm loading in a previously resized image from a previous session and wanting to know the correct way / order of channging my TransformItem's size to reflect it's previously scaled size. so for my example, i originally loaded in a 200x200 pixel image and assigned it as a TransformItem. After i did my resizing, it was now at 100x100. upon reloading of that image, i want to load in that 200x200 image again, but then set it to its previous scaled size of 100x100. how would i go about doing that? thanks!
  8. ok, what i'm trying to have happen once my TransformItem hits another MC, is to delete that MC off the stage. i'm able to remove the MC, but it seems as if the selection is still stuck on my TransformManager/TransformItem. how do i tell force it to deslect? thanks!!
  9. is there a way to use setScaleConstraints() with a set pixel size instead of a percentage? thanks!
  10. and that's actually what i did while i was waiting for a response. thanks so much
  11. Is it possible to detect collision when a selected TransformItem is selected and moved on top of another MC on the stage. Thanks!
  12. so after trying and trying i just can't figure out how to do this correctly. any additional help would be truly appreciated. thanks so much guys!!
  13. ok so a quick question. i've got the cloudMC on the stage, i've assigned it to a TransformManager and to added it as a new TransformItem. if i'm to duplicate this MC so that one can have a scrollRect applied to it to sit on top of the TransformItem, should i duplicate the contents inside of the cloudMC or create a cloudMC_color and cloudMC_notColor. i hope i'm making sense, thanks!