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  1. Thanks Oliver15Years ! Could I then essentially set up all my animations into individual timelines then and just call them from functions like you have there, instead of jumping around one big timeline?
  2. Thanks for the response Oliver15Years ! I would have used the stagger method normally as well however this timeline will eventually have labels and pause functions to navigate between the scenes and therefor the stagger wouldn't work. I was hoping to find a solution that would allow me to animate the scenes with .to and ,from methods so i can insert labels to jump to and pauses to keep the screen in view until user interacts. I come from and Flash and Google Web Designer toolset where i could set pages/Panels and bring them in as needed. not sure if there is a greensock equivalent or
  3. Hello GSAP community! Been learning GSAP as of late and really loving it however i am stuck in developing this particular banner. I have set up all my html, css and JS created my ids and variables and developed a single timeline for animation. However it seems for some reason the timeline only plays the first 2 tweens and then stops even though i have more animation to follow. have a look at my codepen to see what i am trying to achieve here: https://codepen.io/Caderial/pen/LbYRVZ What i would like is to at first set mainScene, NYScene, NJScene, PAScene all to beoffscreen to the le