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  1. I think documentation is good and easy to follow, that's why I didn't go into how to set it up. But it was missing how to make use of all Bannertime features and guidance using smartObjects. As for templates, I like your idea!
  2. @LipstickVoid if you still need more guidance how to use Bannertime this thread might be helpful: There is also a link in that thread to my Bannertime tutorial.
  3. To follow up on @flysi3000 explanation I wrote the tutorial how to use Bannertime. So if @emmanuelulloa and anyone else still has questions, come check it out: http://codecrave.io/bannertime-tutorial/ I would appreciate input from @joe_midi one of the main contributors to Bannertime. I'll keep this tutorial updated when new features come out.
  4. The survey is about display ads, optin offer on a blog is a different thing. As I mentioned, that is why marketers always are testing. And if numbers are telling that users are not happy, then you can try a different approach. But then again even if your bounce rate increased but your email list is growing faster with popups - that can still be a good tradeoff. So there is no simple answer or survey
  5. Thank you! As for the modal, I changed it to exit intent for now. It all comes down to testing. Right now there is simply not enough traffic, but in general, I don't think modals are bad if your offer is valuable and relevant.
  6. Well, since there are no active blogs that I know of I decided to start blogging myself: http://bannerlab.uk/ I would love your input since it is crucial to understand if people even care. You would also help me help others We all could finally have the place for banner development resources!
  7. There is no way to access this list without logging into Sizmek. Could someone post a list here who has access? Or it is fine to load GSAP from Cloudflare CDN?
  8. @LipstickVoid Yes, current animation scrubber is not ideal. But it pauses on double click and there is a box with exact time as far as I remember. I had an idea to create most complete and awesome scrubber and integrate it with Bannertime. So feel free to share your ideas and suggestions. Maybe that will motivate me to focus on it more As for templates you could fork generator-bannertime on GitHub and make your customizations. Here is the path where templates are located: generator-bannertime/generators/app/templates/src/300x250/
  9. Have you looked into Bannertime ? I think it's an excellent tool and the best from what is available in open source. So I feel why reinvent the wheel? Maybe you could just contribute towards it if you have ideas for features it is lacking?
  10. Thanks for your input blake. I would just like to have only one active box at a time. Now its possible to activate all three. And I can't figure it out with your code.
  11. It is banner so I don't use jQuery. I think I will leave it as it is, because I am only setting with GSAP not animating so I guess there won't be any conflicts with CSS transitions.
  12. Codepen: http://codepen.io/gbaciulis/pen/ygWqjZ Right now I have border hover animation with CSS and on click I set border with GSAP. I know that it is bad to combine CSS transitions and GSAP so how could I achieve the same result using only GSAP? My current code's mouseleave event overwrites click event.
  13. You have to keep in mind that learning HTML, CSS, JS is an investment. By hand coding you deepen your knowledge and your thought process as a programmer. Eventually you can easily transition into front-end development/web animations. Who knows when you'll get bored with banners? If you're designer and you're also animating and have no desire whatsoever to code then Animate CC might be fine. If that's not the case I would seriously consider jumping into hand coding. Even if that's not the fastest workflow (although that's arguable).
  14. There is a recent topic about this effect: https://greensock.com/forums/topic/15119-how-to-make-a-bouncy-line-with-gsap/