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  1. I have tested this on Mac OS 10.5 and there are no problems. So therefore it is a 10.6 (Snow Leopard) issue. Also, I have noticed that I can only reproduce the bug when using FileReference.browse, after the browse window comes up. I would be interested to see if other Snow Leopard users are having issues with Flash Player or similar issues.
  2. OK, It seems to be a bug with me, I just tried your demo http://blog.greensock.com/category/transforming/ and the same thing happened. The only real difference I have made lately is to update my browsers, flash plugin and OS (to Snow Leopard). The problem still only seems intermittent.
  3. AS3. I have just quickly put this test example together, tested it in a browser and same problem. example source Browser Firefox/3.5.3 Flash Plugin 10,0,32,18 I am guessing something fairly straight forward, though I haven't noticed it happening before.
  4. I hope I am providing enough information here to allow you to understand my issue. Basically, When I select an item and then try to transform it, it disappears. It seems to move to another distant location eg, x:107373889, y:107373889 The interesting thing is that this only happens in the browser, not in flash player. It also seems that this problem is intermittent. Any ideas why this would be happening? Sorry for the limited amount of information, I'm just hoping you have come across it before.
  5. Great, Thank you very much, that makes sense. Regards
  6. BTW, I just tried the getBounds method and it works well for the width and height, though I would still like to explore storing the transform.matrix values.
  7. Thankyou for a quick response. That's good to know. I tried using the MatrixTools to get the scaleX and scaleY, is that what you mean? sorry, I'm not too familiar with transform.matrix or how to get the values back into TransformManager, do you have a small example? Thanks again
  8. Hi Greensock, I have a problem getting the width and height of my TextField. Basically what I am trying to do is get the user interaction of the TransformManager and send the details back to a database, then get the database back and re-apply it to the TransformManager. Ofcourse there is no problem using display objects, but, when I use a TextField it's different story. You may be able to suggest a better way to do it. Basically, I am listening for the events from the TransformItem (SCALE, MOVE, ROTATE) then updating an object on those events, then when the user saves, the object is sent off to the database. With the display objects size, I am storing the scaleX and scaleY, that works fine, but because the scaleX and scaleY for the TextField is always 1, I am storing the width and height, when the TransformItem is rotated, it returns the TransformItems height and width when I try to get the TextFields height and width. Any ideas?