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  1. That works. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi all, I didn't want to necro my old thread so I'm posting a new one to see if there have been any updates. My old one can be found here. Essentially multi-touch monitors break GSAP draggable. Native scrolling works fine - you can touch the screen with as many fingers as you want (flat palm and even fist work) and it will still scroll. But for some reason draggable only works if there's a single finger on the screen. the moment a second touch point is detected the draggable element stops moving. Is there a way around this? I don't have the option of disabling multi-touch at a hardware, OS, or driver level so I have to deal with it within the website/web app. I don't need anything special to happen when a user scrolls with 1 finger vs 2 fingers vs 3 fingers etc. I just need it to keep scrolling. It's quite an accessibility challenge when only one finger is supported - the amount of older people who aren't dextrous enough to keep from accidentally pressing the screen with a second finger, or people who try to use more than one finger for all touch interaction, is much higher than you would think. In the response to my original question, the linked post wants to allow default browser behavior. I disallow pinch zoom and other native multi-touch gestures in my applications so allowing them through draggable isn't the issue. Also, in terms of testing, take any draggable example (preferably one with type:scroll) and test it on a multitouch display. Any assistance with this would be appreciated.
  3. I was looking to see if there's a way to support a multi-finger drag when I came across a year old forum post (http://greensock.com/forums/topic/11897-multi-finger-swipe-on-draggable/). Instead of bringing it back I thought it better to post a new one. Essentially, I need the ability for any number of fingers to be detected the same by draggable. I am using draggable in a touchscreen kiosk to scroll a div within a bounding container. There isn't any pinch zoom or other multi touch gestures that it would interfere with. Users don't understand that the kiosks only work with a one finger drag at the moment, so the client wants to add multi-touch compatibility to dragging. I know of hammer however everything is already written using draggable (I'm already using Hammer for swiping on different elements in a different manner), and I really like the smoothness of draggable. In order to use hammer I'd have to rewrite draggable's throwprops which I'd rather not have to do. Is there a way to allow multi finger touch or has that not been added? Thanks!