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  1. Hi Hayaku, Oh I have paused this idea implementation for uncertain time. Many thanks for coming up with that! Will do test on my side soon. Cheers Vitaliy
  2. Much appreciated for comments and suggestions, dear Jack and Jonathan. Jonathan, no, I'm not interested in codepen iframes actually, just wanted to show my local setup but of course thanks for details. Jack, right exactly. Thanks for tip. I have followed your suggestion (locally on my computer): - wrapped iframe timeline in function with return + attached timeline to iframe window object - got iframe timeline from parent through contentWindow - added it to TimelineLite - created GSDevTools instance with mentioned properties ...but that didn't workout for me (though no issues in console). GSDevTools is not seeing passed iframe timeline and it's id. I'm wrapping my head with this case right from GSDevTools realease. Unfortunately my JS skills are not so solid I'd want too... Now I'm having thoughts that my idea of controlling and tweaking iframe animation from parent GSDevTools with approach above is a wrong way. I guess there should be some 2-way data-binding/reactivity for that (Vue.js for example). What do you think about all that? Can I prepare some demo files and upload them? Thanks Vitaliy
  3. Hi GSAP folks, Please help to sort out the following. Imagine I have index.html with 2 iframes with timeline in each one. What I'd want to is getting and controlling each iframe timeline with GSDevTools from opened index.html where these iframes are placed. The question is how to make GSDevTools to see timelines from iframes? Here I've used codepen iframes but of course in fact there should be local html files. Maybe it's more JS specific question. Thanks in advance. Cheers Vitaliy
  4. Hi little_fat_girl, Your struggling is quite close to me. So I'd like to add my few thoughts looking back on my some recent experience. I was working in Flash and Animate CC for years. I even was Animate CC beta tester. After seeing/experiencing constant lags, bugs and no progress in solving that I have decided to replace that software at all. I'm very happy that I have found GSAP, this great forum, its people and spent some really short time (week or two) for learning basic GSAP code. NOW: I don't need any html animation GUI software. I don't depend on Adobe updates, subscription. I don't have to scroll that timeline all the time, see those lags etc. I don't have to see all that extremely overloaded code. Now my code is short, clean and I love that order. I just fill total power and freedom with GSAP and my membership investment was covered within few days. What I'm trying to say is in fact you can avoid using Animate CC at all !!! Just install some coding IDE and take few weeks for learning basic html, css and gsap syntax. Make very simple animations. All possible questions are already answered here on forum or covered in docs section. Very soon you will be happy to see your improvements in animation and coding overall. Good luck! Cheers Vitaliy
  5. Hi Marjan and Oliver, Sorry I wouldn't say hand coding in NOT smart. IMHO hand coding is a the only way to get clean and fast result. It's absolutely possible to create more than 10 sizes for less than 8 hours with hand coding. It's a matter of workflow setup (large screens + graphic editor + IDE + browser) + designing and coding experience + having enough sleep + etc. Cheers Vitaliy
  6. Hi Matthew, As I remember you can use fonts in fla source files but there's no way to export editable text in Canvas (though I can be wrong). I was working years in Flash and then in Animate CC. The most huge bugs which drove me crazy all the time were: shifted pivot point after object scaling and easing wrong colors in Animate CC after copy-pasting from Illustrator on MacOs (every each color) not smooth pan and zoom But now I'm extremely happy for complete moving my workflow into GreenSock + IDE. IMHO it's absolutely Ok having some specific comfortable setup without Animate CC. Cheers Vitaliy
  7. The one thing (from bunch of others) I hate in Animate CC the most (before I discover great GSAP) is wrong color in every shape with copy-paste from Illustrator to Animate on MacOS. I reported that as a bug on Animate forum but no result (now I don't care about that). Even not talking about text output/rendering.
  8. Hi Oliver15Years, There's still no answer for your request on Adwords forum. I have asked that Cassie but really not sure how and when they come up with fixing <image> replacing issue.
  9. Hi Jack, Many thanks for your response! Yes, setting that to false is just slightly better though it doesn't solve visual lags as they are. But of course all these CSS 3D transform "tweaks" by Jonathan together produce great result. Cheers Vitaliy
  10. Hi Jonathan, Wow! Thank you so much for detailed comments and updated sample! All is absolutely clear and works great on non-Retina display (and on iMac 5K too of course)! Many many thanks once again! Cheers Vitaliy
  11. Hi dear devs and coders, Please have a look at provided CodePen sample. I'm having/seeing issue - jerky animation of characters - with SplitText in Chrome every time I use it. Especially that's noticeably with slight transforms and on non-Retina display. Not sure maybe I've missed some Chrome spec or tip for solving that. Please help Cheers Vitaliy
  12. Hi! Jorrit, Really nice idea and service overall but please sorry (IMHO) $39 a month and just for previewing 10 sets is EXTREMELY costly. I think you should reconsider your pricing. Cheers
  13. Hi Volcanoflash, Great banner! Love it like each one before! The only thing. It's not sharp on retina/high dpi. Sorry maybe someone asked before but -> why don't use svg or al least @2x bitmaps? Performance? IE support? Cheers Vitaliy
  14. Hi Jean-Baptiste, Many thanks for responce. I've used other solution but will definitely yours one in the future projects. Good luck! Cheers Vitaliy