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  1. Pardon me, but you say that you'd like 25 pounds for a banner ad? Graphical elements ( .png, .jpg .svg... ) * 3¥ = 9 Animation phases * 3¥ = 5 Legal text: 5¥ = 5 Custom javascript code or interaction: 10¥ = 5 Design without storyboard: 15¥ Adaptation ( use other programmer's source ) : 20¥ The mutation's price is fixed 10¥. The first 3 modification round is free. But after that I charge 4¥ for every review round. It may take me few days to do a nice interactive one. Am I crazy?
  2. It looks like from that example you can just have 2 images.
  3. cekvenich

    React and GSAP

    Example w/ RIOT: http://murder.site44.com/home/usead
  4. Sometimes - the key is to use the right video library, here is the one I use: https://cekvenich.site44.com/post/vwall
  5. Updated example: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/15420-banner-ad-exampletutorial-with-web-components-and-wo/
  6. Hi, I posted an example/tutorial of a banner ad. Example has both with and without web Components: http://murder.site44.com/home/usead Happy to hear input. Also, self-promo: I'm teaching a free 8 hour class in silicon valley next week: http://www.meetup.com/HackerDojo/events/235472655 The class is advanced.
  7. Hi, I sometimes post in here so I hope this is OK. (but I did have to open a new account just now). I planned to write a GSAP training class w/ SPA. When I did, there was a lot more SPA and such just to set up. Anyway, the class is here: - http://www.eventbrite.com/e/advanced-interaction-design-web-app-developers-hands-on-labs-tickets-28818580149 Also the prices go up in a few days and there is a discount code (40%) for people here, the code is 'DIS'. We do go over using and placing banner ads, portfolio, and writing components using GSAP and such, w/ a lot of time on setup. So I hope some GSAP user show up.