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  1. Hi Carl, Firstly, thanks for your suggestion link about infinite scrolling, I will figure out it right now. Secondly, this is my demo: http://codepen.io/tinhh/pen/qaGjvp (this demo is the same with demo of Jonathan above) And my expectation in this demo that is two things: 1. Infinite scrolling in both of direction left/right, I will have 10 items in HTML code, I wanna GSAP can clone item to create infinite scrolling. (I will figure out this follow as your suggestion above) 2. When I stopped mouse move then it seem that my tweenmax still auto scrollTo step by step. I wanna it will stop when mouse stopped. I spent a couple days to handling these issues..but it's doesn't working as my expectation. I hope that you will suggest for me some solutions for this, even if have a demo is awesome. P/s: English is not native for me, please excuse any mistakes on my post! Thank you so much!
  2. Hello, Can you help me add feature is infinite scrolling?