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  1. gsmas

    Fade in Problem

    Hi Sahil, Thanks a lot for prompt help.
  2. gsmas

    Fade in Problem

    Hi, I have following Problem. My fade in effect function but on Start it shows the last image overlap on first image. TweenLite.to("#blackimg", 0.1, {autoAlpha:0}); TweenLite.to("#blackimg", 0.1, {autoAlpha:1, delay:0}); TweenLite.to("#redimg", 1, {autoAlpha:0}); TweenLite.to("#redimg", 1, {autoAlpha:1, delay:4}); TweenLite.to("#blueimg", 1, {autoAlpha:0}); TweenLite.to("#blueimg", 1, {autoAlpha:1, delay:6}); TweenLite.to("#greenimg", 1, {autoAlpha:0,}); TweenLite.to("#greenimg", 1, {autoAlpha:1, delay:8}); Thanks
  3. Hi mikel, I have solve the Problem. Thanks a lot for your prompt help. Very nice tutorial.
  4. Hi mikel, Thanks a lot. Very interesting. I have now change and it is functioning but not clean. The 3rd image at the beginning disappear very fast. Than the pulse effect is not too clean. What is false here?
  5. I am trying to create pulse effect like heartbeat on image3. Image three should have this effect two times before image4 appears. Is there any possibility to do that? Thanks a lot
  6. I have solve the scaling problem too. scale:5 and transformOrigin ("center center") Thanks a lot for your help
  7. I can hide the images after completing the image. TweenLite.to("#text_image", 3, {autoAlpha:0, delay:4}); It works. Only Scaling is not working. I have increase it to 4 but it does not cover the whole area.
  8. Thanks for your recommendation and prompt reply. I have increase the scale to 4 but it doesnot cover the whole area. One more thing: How can I hide #text_image and #image2 (opacity 0) after completing the animation. I am asking because I will add one more image. @Carl no Problem. Many Thanks for your help. Very thankful for prompt help and appreciating it.
  9. Thanks a lot. This is nice. But the Scale:1.6 doesnot cover the whole area. The whole Blue area must be cover.
  10. Dear PointC, many Thanks. At present it goes -500px up and coming down. I want to increase the size of the #image2 so that it will cover the whole area (300x250) and than come to the original size.
  11. Dear Carl, Many Thanks for your explaination. I donot see any changes in the Codepen. The #imge2 remain the same. No animation on image2. Normally it will cover the whole area and come to its original size. I have click on the codepen. Which codepen have you changed. I have added the CustomEase.min.js file in my document but nothing happend. Thanks a lot.
  12. I am testing some animation possibilty. I am trying custom ease effect. It does not function. I am stucked here. The codepen link shows the aninmation. First the textimage Just a test is functioning but after that the image This is another image does not funktion. image2 should be appear after Just a test shown completely. That means the img2 should delay. The second problem is the imge two should be bigger and cover the whole area (300x250) and than come to the original size as we see here. Thanks a lot
  13. Thanks a lot. I am just trying. I found following video tutorial. Very intresting. This will solve the Problem. Many Thanks to all. @determin1st: I mean that the images should be shown from the beginning. At Present the image was ease in from top left. Thanks
  14. Hi, I want to zoom my image for Banner from origninal size to 300x250px. I have tried as shown in codepan. But the image comes from the above leftside. The whole image should be shown from the begining and zoom inside till 300x250 size. I am using TweenMax. Many Thanks
  15. Thanks. does it function if I seperate two classes with two different time(delay). TweenLite.to(".green1, .green2", 1, {x:200}); TweenLite.to(".orange6", 2, {x:200});