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  1. it's all good but if I refresh the page on the scene1. The intro element go crazy. when scrolling back on intro


    I know there's a bunch of code refresh reset kill restart. But how can I implement this in this exemple?


    Maybe a scrollmagic kill scene function or gsap function?



  2. It's that easy!!!


    I have been trying all differents things, downloading a bunch of codepen example. asically going crazy for that.


    hahha! Shame on me!


    I guess that's what a newbie is feeling thanks so much.


    The scene 1 has a bunch of other pictures.


    Yes I am a happy tweener!

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  3. Woow yes this makes a lot of sense. 


    Thanks a lot for this simple brain spark for me. But is there a solution to reset the intro timeline to the end state of the animation when scrolling to the scene1.


    MAybe having the overflow-y: hidden of the body hidden and oncomplete of the intro have the body overflow visible. Already tried this one but it doesn't work. MAybe with some jquery or something. I am a 8 month old web designer so I am learning step by step.


    This should be a obvious solution for somebody experienced with gsap-scrollmagic which is in all the tools outhere the best tools to regain a passion for creation for me at least.


    Thanks PointC for that easy pointer

  4. I don't want to repost the same. I did a new simple codepen.


    Why is the intro tween doesn't finish while scrollling to scene 1.


    I just can't figure it out


    See the Pen qazayM by dominium (@dominium) on CodePen


    There must be a way to have the intro tween to finish to play once and to keep the end state of to().


    Really a scrollmagic issue. No longer people helping on the forum.


    Thanks for this 

  5. Thanks for the prompt respond.


    Yes I know about Peter and already export all your codepen exemple and I also have a lot of other exemple but none can help me with this.


    I am a new designer and I think I can do this with some GSAP code. The ressources you gave me is advanced coding for me, a newbie. Anyway I will finish the other scene of the website and figure something out. My head is spinning learning all this java query var grid css etc...  


    Thank you again and I will review all your codepen exemple.

  6. I am missing something that I know should be easy for someone well experienced. I have only a couple of months of web design experience.

    I have a intro timeline and another one trigger on scroll. Both attach to a scrollmagic controller.

    The intro should finish before the user scroll down. I tried to overflow: hidden on y axis etc... doesn't work. But hidden the scrollbar is not good User experience.

    IF the intro played completely the first scene is good and reverse fine.

    But when the user scroll down to the first scene (of 6 scene total) and the intro is not done everything break down when the reverse of intro is triggered. And if windows is refresh on scene1. The intro start.

    IS there a way to somehow reset the intro timeline if the user reverse back on intro when they scroll down to scene1. And to lock the intro animation when refresh on scene1 or scene2 ...3....Maybe it's a scrollmagic coding but maybe greensock has a specific code to resolve this


    See the Pen zKyZZd by dominium (@dominium) on CodePen


    Thanks in advance

    See the Pen by zKyZZd (@zKyZZd) on CodePen