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  1. Any advice how can i accomplish falling leaf animation? I have a logo divided into four graphics, and one of these images has to fall like a leaf from a tree. I know I have to use a BezierPlugin, but not sure how to get the image fall from the top of the window. I'm attaching the graphic, I need to animate the heart pic. Thx for any advice.
  2. Thank you so much guys, my mistake I had to switch from flash developing to html/js after a bunch of years doing only flash stuff, I'm not very happy about that. Thank you Jack for your amazing work. I found tweening stuff much more pleasent using your engine than doing it with jQuery.
  3. I have a simple script that changes images opacity, and need to use onCompleteAll, but it seems neither it does work with TweenMax nor with TimelineLite, I checked on latest versions of FF and Chrome, win7 my code looks like this: $('img.normal').css('opacity', 0); TweenMax.staggerTo($('img.normal'), 0.3, {css:{opacity:1}, onCompleteAll:doSth},0.2); function doSth() { console.log('tweening done'); } neither this one works: var tl = new TimelineLite() tl.staggerTo($('img.normal'), 0.3, {css:{opacity:1}, onCompleteAll:doSth},0.2); onComplete works, but that's not what I need Any help please?
  4. I want to create a video player that will play a video, according to which thumbnail is clicked. I don't want to use LoaderMax to load all the videos, but to load the video the user will choose by clicking the image. Is there any other way to load the video than creating the new VideoLoader instance? If not, won't it cause memory leak if I create new instance whenever the user clicks the image to load the video? Thx in advance for any hints.
  5. OMG! I was so stupid and forgot to add the event listener to the stage stage.addEventListener(Event.RESIZE, stageResize); Now it works as it should
  6. Hi, I have a problem with AutoFitArea when the stage scale mode mode is set to NO_SCALE. Even though I added stage resize listener, the area doesn't respond to it at all - doesn't change its size I have the latest package, downloaded today so that's not the libraries issue. Here's my code import flash.display.Loader; import flash.net.URLRequest; import flash.events.Event; import flash.display.StageScaleMode; import flash.display.StageAlign; import com.greensock.layout.*; /*** These two lines below make the problem, but I need to disable stage resizing, so the other objects don't scale ***/ stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE; stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT; addEventListener(Event.RESIZE, stageResize); var l:Loader = new Loader(); l.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onLoaded); l.load(new URLRequest("myImage.jpg")); var area:AutoFitArea = new AutoFitArea(this, 0, 0, stage.stageWidth, stage.stageHeight); area.preview = true; area.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, areaChanged); function onLoaded(e:Event):void { /*var bmp:Bitmap = Bitmap(l.content); bmp.smoothing = true;*/ addChild(l); area.attach(l, ScaleMode.PROPORTIONAL_INSIDE, AlignMode.CENTER, AlignMode.CENTER); } function stageResize(e:Event):void { /*** These just don't work at all ***/ area.width = stage.stageWidth; area.height = stage.stageHeight; area.update(); } function areaChanged(e:Event):void { trace("area changed"); } Anyone could help? I'm compiling the file under Flash CS5