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  1. @Dipscom Sure thing, based on what I've done so far - you can see that the <pattern> attr changes in IE and Edge via dev tools but for some reason - it doesn't reflect to its graphic. All other known browsers doesnt seem to have this problem (haven't tried it in Safari). SVG doc itself is being injected to its parent element via Ajax...so it's techincally inline. (Tried hardcoding SVG to HTML and still the same issue). - Just an added info if needed.
  2. Thank you Dipscom! So for some reason, IE and Edge ignore pattern's viewbox (as per your examples). However, whatever I animate inside <pattern> works. Off to the experiment lab! (aka - change every code until it works)
  3. Hi, I'm fairly new to this SVG animation and getting by mostly by copying someones work and modifying it. (Still learning alot). For that codepen link that I've provided - it works smoothly in almost all browsers except IE and IE Edge. Its basically moving the pattern from SVG horizontally and repeating it. It seems like IE cannot recognize attr:{x} for some reason. advance thanks!