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  1. Hello! I have a doubt, I would like certain spaces not to be "affected" when pin some element. Ideally I would like to see it as the second image. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey Forum, I would like the circles on the center starts fading from the center before the outter ones disappear. How could this be solved?
  3. hey @OSUblake @mvaneijgen @elegantseagulls Still working on this. My main goal is to have 2 complete diff animations. I know that the user is not going to enter/leave super fast, but I want to accomplish the best experience if possible. https://codepen.io/elisabetperez/pen/gOoboZQ grabacion-de-pantalla-2022-03-14-a-las-174829_Uj0fRUTg.mp4
  4. hi @mvaneijgen The exitTime concept from the video is an interesting one but ideally I’d like to use 2 different animations instead of playing and reversing the same animation. 2 animations and 2 different timelines.
  5. hey! so I’m doing this little animation for this blue card where: 1) on mouseover I do a .5 duration initial animation ) on mouseleave I’ve got a different .25 duration animation. All animations are triggered after hovering the Explore button at the bottom. The mouseover and mouseleave event are naturally triggered so fast that I’m delaying all animations using debounce. However, even if each method is triggered correctly (you can check the console messages), if you move the mouse very fast over the Explore button, even when you leave the button and the message says ‘mouseleave’, the animation is still on and bugged. The only way to solve this is if I’ve got 1 animation played and played on reverse or 2 animations but with the same duration. Why is this bug? Thanks in advance
  6. hello !, I'm trying to get the full width of the container, it doesn't return the value as expected. It is very likely that I'm doing something wrong. Attached 2 pens, one "without gsap" and another with gsap. Thanks a lot! Thanks in advance
  7. thanks @OSUblake @Cassie I understand that is the default behaviour, and I will try explain to the client. That being said, what should be the approach if I don't have any other choice but doing it?
  8. hello, merry christmas lol! 😝 🎅 I have a question that a client has asked me and I really don't how to approach, since I'm not an expert with this library. I attach a very simple pen. My client is asking for the following: "Once you stop scrolling, the sections still move, easing down, which should not be the case. Once the user stops scrolling (whether taking finger off spacebar or up/down arrow, or stop scrolling with the mouse), the sections should stop moving as well, instantly". I know that is not the default scroll behaviour, and already has the "ease: "none"". I'm 80% sure that is not possible, but I'm 100% sure there is a technical explanation that I can give to my client. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey @Born05, please install this. https://www.npmjs.com/package/nuxt-gsap-module
  10. hey @OSUblake Thanks for the tip, I've updated the codepen but I can't get to work as I want. https://codepen.io/andresclua/pen/zYEZRxL I would like as soon as the magenta box is visible, move it to X axis until is not visible on my screen.
  11. Hello! I would like to get some help on this The idea is that the div "box" in chapter 2 behaves like a parallax effect on X axis(different speed while scrolling). At the same time try to respect at the position sett up via CSS at the center of the screen
  12. yes @Cassie I've have cloned my repository. A : How can I detect when user gets to div with id Scene1 & Scene2? B : Why this is not working on Android Chrome ? https://codesandbox.io/s/kind-gauss-6ovin?file=/pages/index.vue:312-318
  13. This codepen does not work for me on Chrome - Android, could someone tell me why?