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  1. Hello !


    Dear guys, I have a problem. My program works llike: I have one animation and when I click on e.g. 'Button1' my animation will change, and second animation will start (in infinite loop like the first).


    I created an object with coordinates of my polygon points. I start with points[0]. When I click on button1 named 'Warsaw' my function gets current position of each verticles and paste it into new object with coordinates because I want a smooth transition between my animations.


    So I think:  Aha!  I kill my old animation, create short new animation (with transition from current coordinates to first coordinates of my second animation), kill short animation and finally create my second animation which will be infinity looped (but until click on the second button).


    But!  When I want to kill my first animation, javascript console says "TweenMax.kill is not a function". 


    I don't know how repair that.


    Please help :D


    And sorry for my english :|

    See the Pen EgpWam by kanapka94 (@kanapka94) on CodePen