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  1. Don't get me wrong, I'd be super happy if I'm the outlier. Just in case, I wanted to show what I'm seeing vs. what I'd like to see, have shown a couple of screenshots in the attached PDF. Are you seeing the same as the two screenshot on the right? scrollTo.pdf
  2. Hey, thanks for checking it out. Just so we're on the same page, here is a new link http://test-chase-erwin-com.php5.hostingweb.co.uk/fabrics When you tap on a fabric swatch, the details animate down below and once the details have finished animating the page should scroll up so the top of the details section is flush with the bottom of the nav. Then the reverse after you close the details section, once closed the page should scroll to the top of the fabric swatch. This works as it should on desktop seems broken on iOS
  3. Thanks for the response, unfortunately adding autoKill: false didn't solve the issue for me. You can test here: http://test-chase-erwin-com.php5.hostingweb.co.uk/fabrics on iOS, opening and closing the fabric swatches is a smooth transition everywhere but on iOS
  4. I've noticed this as well, can you elaborate on the fix you added? Which overflow property worked for you?