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  1. her is the inside mc fla it explains what i mean j
  2. hey here is the new inside mc fla cheers j
  3. hey k no problem got the updated file working like a charm cheers j
  4. HI yes i get it now thank you so much for your help your detailed comment are really helpful and insightful and easy to understand again thanks ever so much for your time your a legend j_rock
  5. i see waht u are saying but how does the code work for a button? have a look at the swf in the folder here u will see what i am trying to achive its prob easier than me trying to explain :) again thank you for your time trying to help j
  6. hi thanks for your reply but i dont think im able to use tween max i had a look an i cant figure out hoe to hust use the alpha tint and remove tint i'll try the othe link u posted i think this if a futile effort on my behalf ill prpb just do without this function again thanks for the effort j
  7. in releation to my last post about changing the color value of a selected movice clip with the transfom manager AS2 a button births a mc on2 the stage , when this mc is clicked the transfom manager is applyed can anyone look at this code and tell me where i am going wrong I cant seem to get the code to work to change the colour value of the last selected movie clip the tranform manager was applied to (var t) to change from the default black to white when the button is clicked stop(); import gs.TransformManager; var NumInc:Number = 0; var home:MovieClip = this; var selectedClip:MovieClip function buildIt(movieType:String) { var t = home.attachMovie(movieType, "movie_mc"+NumInc, getNextHighestDepth(), {_x:232.8, _y:419.1}); var transformManager_obj = new TransformManager({forceSelectionToFront:false, allowDelete:true}); var transformManager_obj = new TransformManager({targetObjects:[t], bounds:{xMin:0, xMax:900, yMin:0, yMax:900}, forceSelectionToFront:true, eventHandler:onAnyEvent}); selectedClip = this["movie_mc"+NumInc] ++NumInc; } btn1_btn.onPress = function() { buildIt("movietrib"); }; btn2_btn.onPress = function() { buildIt("movietrib1"); }; color_btn.onPress = function() { Color.prototype.setTint(255, 255, 255, 100) //var colorful = new Color(); //colorful.setRGB(0xFFFFFF); selectedClip.setTransform(colorful); }; Color.prototype.setTint = function (r, g, b, amount) { var percent = 100 - amount; var trans = new Object(); trans.ra = trans.ga = trans.ba = percent; var ratio = amount / 100; trans.rb = r * ratio; trans.gb = g * ratio; trans.bb = b * ratio; selectedClip.setTransform(trans); }// Can anyone help? im really stumped
  8. AS 2 Verison hi i have birthed movie clips on to the stage from the libary using code and then the transform manager is applyed when the mc is clicked I have a button on the stage called color_btn that when clicked will change the #hex value of the last selected movie clip the tranform manager was applyed to as you can see in the example the var t is applyed to each mc i have the code but im not sure why it isnt working can anyone have a look at the fla and get back to me