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  1. I had this same issue and was able to resolve it by commenting some code out. As todotoit mentioned above it seems to be related to using plugins, I was using Draggable. To resolve I made a copy of Draggable and commented out the very last function (export to AMD/RequireJS and CommonJS/Node) - starting at line 2291. you can see in that code there is some requires which i think Electron is confused about the file structure... removing this did the trick for me and was able to run the project finally: //export to AMD/RequireJS and CommonJS/Node (precursor to full modular build system coming at a later date) // (function(name) { // "use strict"; // var getGlobal = function() { // return (_gsScope.GreenSockGlobals || _gsScope)[name]; // }; // if (typeof(define) === "function" && define.amd) { //AMD // define(["TweenLite", "CSSPlugin"], getGlobal); // } else if (typeof(module) !== "undefined" && module.exports) { //node // require("../TweenLite.js"); // require("../plugins/CSSPlugin.js"); // module.exports = getGlobal(); // } // }("Draggable"));