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  1. I want that the hover animations stop once the click animation is started, or reversed ( there is also a dblclick event that reverse the click animation ) I only want the hover animation to work, when it s back at the starting point. So no hover animations unless before the clicks event, or if the rectangle is back to it s original position. Like I said, sorry for my poor english. 



  2. Believe me I did, I do not want to sound like an ungreatfull jerk, I really like the tweaning, the speed, the consistance. It's just that for people not fluant in english, reading the docs is not always as clear as it is probably for you. English is a third language for me you see. And again, it's a suggestion that's all, Im not in gsap for pure animation ( I am not trying to get a duck to follow a path for exemple), but more like most of the demo site you have here that use gsap, I want to use gsap to get consistancy and speed on more browser. 

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  3. I did, videos are all baby steps, I ve looked at most codepen, but half of the method you have on timelineMax are never in the exemples / codepen you've given me. Thanks anyway, I will try the only way left, create codepens with questions as I go along. There is so many many different approach regarding scope, returning tl, functions vs named tweens, I 'm trying to find the most efficiante way to work, and knowing what each method does( and how to use them ) is the key to working well.  Thanks for the quick response. I've even bought a course on tuts plus ... but it was very very beginner, waste of time. I was working on an element that has an hover animation ( burger menu ) , but an other animation if you clicked on it, I want to loose the hover effect when the click is done, without having to put flags everywhere , because it is not conveniante , but I could not understand how the kill() works, tried to change the pointerEvents, nothing worked. And none of the links you gave talks about it. So i ll create one soon (codepen). Sorry for my poor english, once again it's late , goodnight.

  4. I will keep this short english is not my main language, so when it comes to reading the docs, it's not always a walk in the park. Your tutorials are fine, but they only cover the very very basic stuff. Wish you had more inter-advanced tutorials, so that we could easily avoid the frustrations. If not videos, then create a series of real scenarios in several codepen, Coders like code, less text. I think this would be easier for everyone, and is more ingaging . I ve got so many questions, on updating values for tweens, scope, etc... That could be answered quickly by exemples rather then trying to read in a different language then mine. Sorry for my poor english. I see so much potential and speed in gsap, and animations are much easier with it then css, i'm a bit frustrated with the learning curve and wish I could see the potential , rather then reading about it. Still, I love what you guys and girls have done .

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  5. I'm new at GSAP , but not that bad with js... I do not understand the scope here ... 

    var rec = $('.rectangle');
    var wid = $(window).width() / 2 -100;
        var tl = new TimelineMax({
          repeat: 2,
          repeatDelay: 1,
          onComplete: rev(),
          onStart: console.log('go'),
          onRepeat: console.log('end')
     console.log(tl);  //returns d {vars: Object, _totalDuration: 14, _duration: 4, _delay: 0, _timeScale: 1…}
    function rev() {
       console.log(tl);   // undefined ???
       console.log(window.tl);   // undefined ???
    //rev()  // still und.