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  1. Hello all, 


    Do any of you wonderful gurus know a way around the scaling and position differences in Internet Explorer vs. Chrome. My animation does look great in Internet Explorer but I've just been told now that I'm fairly far along that it's going to have to work in Chrome as well and I'm at a loss as to how to do that ( short of having to run a browser check and execute different code for each browser). I was hoping there may be a way that I'm unaware of that may keep me from having to essentially maintain two different versions of the animation depending on the browser. 


    Thank you! 


    - Chris

    See the Pen pEWzqd?editors=1010#0 by chrisbtbi (@chrisbtbi) on CodePen

  2. Hi all, 


    I'm looking to see if anyone could advise me as to what I'm doing wrong with this pen. I'd like each location on the map to pulsate on mouseover. Also, I'd like to trigger another animation based on each specific location, would you recommend I do this by targeting the class instead of the ID? 


    Thank you for your help, I'm still really new at greensock, javascript and jquery. 


    - Chris

    See the Pen pEdOWB?editors=1010#0 by chrisbtbi (@chrisbtbi) on CodePen

  3. Hello all,


    I am kind of a newbie to Greensock but so far I'm loving it! I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right forum as I am quite new here so please be patient with me :P. I am trying to make it so that when you pulse over a location pin on the map it pulsates. I think I have the animation set up correctly but the .hover functionality doesn't appear to be working. (I set up an alert box on hover in and out to test). Thank you so much for your help!


    Oh, and this particular project needs to work in I.E. if that makes a difference.



    See the Pen pEWzqd by chrisbtbi (@chrisbtbi) on CodePen