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  1. i can set up a trigger area and get it to work, but if there are more than one draggable elements on a page then moving one item using the trigger area move both items together, things i have tried that have not worked trigger area as class (div header) only having one div having a trigger property setting two unique ids for trigger areas loading the div separately any ideas of what else I could try???
  2. I just did this very thing. I simply added the draggable code to the file of each jquery module I was creating dynamically (in this case bootstrap cards) instead of on the SPA template page. I referenced the class .cards though so I imagine that it would work on multiple items with the same class generated by the same javascript file (you will have to excuse me if I am using noob language to describe this. I have only just started coding) i am not sure if this is a redundant solution, but it is a solution. My problem is using trigger to the header class or even to a local header id. No matter what i do as soon as I use trigger if i pick up one item I pick up them all that are present.