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  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering what everyone's favourite method of creating banner ads with GSAP is? I am fairly new to using GSAP (Loving it so far!), I have currently tried two ways of approaching creating banner ads with GSAP. 1. HTML, JS, Image sprite In this method I write the HTML structure, create an image sprite and use CSS positioning to arrange elements into place that exist in the image sprite. I then use GSAP to animate in the various elements. While I liked the simplicity of this method, I found it to be cumbersome having to manually adjust divs and positioning
  2. Thanks Jonathan, Turns out the issue was that I needed to assign the name in the properties panel for it to be picked up. All working now!!
  3. Hi All, I am trying to play around with the demo file provided in the 'Quick Start: GSAP and Adobe Animate CC' article; https://greensock.com/animatecc-quickstart All I am trying to do is successfully add an additional symbol into the timeline and apply any animation to it in the js file. Here's what I am doing: 1. Create new layer - 'Layer 1' 2. Create new symbol (a red rectangle) - 'test' 3. Select symbol ('test') and drag onto stage with 'Layer 1' selected. 4. Duplicate existing .from in tl and change symbol name to be 'test' 5. Watch in despair as ad display blank
  4. Thanks for the demo Jonathan! Really insightful!! I should now be able to achieve the effect I want! Thanks again
  5. Hi All, I am trying to achieve a blinking eye effect. Ideally, I would like the eye to travel down from the top to half in the eye, this would simulate the eyelid moving down the eye to meet the other eyelid. I have tried scale with transformOrigin to achieve the effect as well as opacity 0. Opacity 0 seems to give the best effect, but the visible fade doesn't look too great. Would I need to use SVGmorph to achieve this? Can anyone point me in the right direction? My codepen attached shows the example. Thanks, Tom