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  1. I've found the issue. jquery.shuffle plugin will actually shuffle the selected elements within the DOM it doesn't shuffle the references in the array. If i use a shuffle function that just returns the reference array all jumbled up, I get the desired effect. I couldn't see this until the items i was animating were different visually.
  2. I haven't tried shuf.each(), but here is a fiddle of what i described above. http://jsfiddle.net/7CFVC/
  3. I'm using the jquery.shuffle plugin. Thinking that it was possibly the issue, I've tried selecting my elements in the two ways below: var goaway = $("#container li:not('.ele1,.ele2,.ele5,.ele6,.ele7')"); var goaway = $('#ele3,#ele4,#ele8,#ele9,#ele10,#ele11,#ele12,#ele13,#ele14,#ele15,#ele16,#ele17,#ele18'); I'm then shuffling them as so: var shuf = goaway.shuffle(); and tracing: console.debug(goaway); console.debug(shuf); shuffle is good, trace is good. Problem is here: var tl = new TimelineMax({paused:true}); tl.staggerTo(shuf,.5,{alpha:0},.2); tl.play(); No matter what, the elements stagger based on their order in the DOM not based on their order within the selection array passed. Anyone have any recommendations here?