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  1. Hello Here is an horizontal scroll effect. I would like to know if it's possible to overlapp (pin on the left) the section when scroll and mabe fade in the title. My question is how to integrate ScrollTrigger in a scrolltriger ? and do some other stuf like pinning animation…
  2. got a question in this code : gsap.to(airpods, { frame: frameCount - 1, snap: "frame", scrollTrigger: { scrub: 0.5 }, onUpdate: render // use animation onUpdate instead of scrollTrigger's onUpdate }); what does snap: "frame" mean ? and frame: framcount -1 too ?
  3. Thanks @Rodrigo and @ZachSaucier, i have modified the codepen first i store left and top in a data array. Then i map the data in a SingleDot component set a mouseEnterAnimation and an itemRef then deal with x and y value in a useCallback fonction and reset value onComplete is it the best way ? @Rodrigo if you have some time explain me how you can acheive this with UseRef... let me know Thanks very much indeed Andy !
  4. Hello, Can you tell ne why, when we mouseleave the dots, they don't move back to their initial position ? Is ther a way to acheive this ? Loook at the Dots component. Thanks Andy
  5. Hello, Can you tell me why when i click the button fast, it doesn't toggle back to start position. Thanks Yves
  6. i also have this codepen exemple : have a look at the squigglingLineTween timeline https://codepen.io/YVNKAD/pen/VweYaRy
  7. If i understand, const targets = gsap.utils.toArray(".class") is the equivalent as const targets = Array.from(document.querySelectorAll(".class") it convert the result of querySelectorAll from a Nodelist into an Array Andy
  8. @jpeacock Just another question, can you show me how did you set the array with the ref on each image ? Thanks indeed
  9. jpeacock Can you show me how your ImagesLoaded Component looks like ? Thanks !!! Handy
  10. Hello, i create this pen with an update of the image sequence on scroll (71 images) it work fine on codepen but when i deploy to netlify, the update is no longer working. The update is very slow. i use gatsby. What am i doing wrong ? Does anybody know ? Thanks. here is a link of the deploy version : https://naturalzero.netlify.app/ and attach my .js file videosequence.js
  11. I have one question with this greensock's pen (link). why using "gsap.utils.toArray(".comparisonSection").forEach(section => {}...." if you have only one section ? it could perfectly work without and with the trigger set to : .comparisonSection thanks for your answer Andy
  12. Hello i would like to repat the doHeart function on every blinkEye So on the blinkEyeTween, i set onStart:doHeart, onRepeat: doHeart It work onStart but not onRepeat What am i doing wrong ? Thaks
  13. Sorry Zack, i thought i was lost in the flow… i try to set the video's current time inside the scrollTrigger but it doesn't work ! any idea ? Thanks Andy
  14. Hello, Can you tell me if it is the best way to play the animation with Scrolltriger, gsap and react. Is there another way to acheive this ? I have attached a codepen demo. Thanks in advanced