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  1. Thanks @Rodrigo and @ZachSaucier, i have modified the codepen first i store left and top in a data array. Then i map the data in a SingleDot component set a mouseEnterAnimation and an itemRef then deal with x and y value in a useCallback fonction and reset value onComplete is it the best way ? @Rodrigo if you have some time explain me how you can acheive this with UseRef... let me know Thanks very much indeed Andy !
  2. Hello, Can you tell ne why, when we mouseleave the dots, they don't move back to their initial position ? Is ther a way to acheive this ? Loook at the Dots component. Thanks Andy
  3. Hello, Can you tell me why when i click the button fast, it doesn't toggle back to start position. Thanks Yves
  4. i also have this codepen exemple : have a look at the squigglingLineTween timeline https://codepen.io/YVNKAD/pen/VweYaRy
  5. If i understand, const targets = gsap.utils.toArray(".class") is the equivalent as const targets = Array.from(document.querySelectorAll(".class") it convert the result of querySelectorAll from a Nodelist into an Array Andy
  6. @jpeacock Just another question, can you show me how did you set the array with the ref on each image ? Thanks indeed
  7. jpeacock Can you show me how your ImagesLoaded Component looks like ? Thanks !!! Handy
  8. Hello, i create this pen with an update of the image sequence on scroll (71 images) it work fine on codepen but when i deploy to netlify, the update is no longer working. The update is very slow. i use gatsby. What am i doing wrong ? Does anybody know ? Thanks. here is a link of the deploy version : https://naturalzero.netlify.app/ and attach my .js file videosequence.js
  9. I have one question with this greensock's pen (link). why using "gsap.utils.toArray(".comparisonSection").forEach(section => {}...." if you have only one section ? it could perfectly work without and with the trigger set to : .comparisonSection thanks for your answer Andy
  10. Hello i would like to repat the doHeart function on every blinkEye So on the blinkEyeTween, i set onStart:doHeart, onRepeat: doHeart It work onStart but not onRepeat What am i doing wrong ? Thaks
  11. Sorry Zack, i thought i was lost in the flow… i try to set the video's current time inside the scrollTrigger but it doesn't work ! any idea ? Thanks Andy
  12. Hello, Can you tell me if it is the best way to play the animation with Scrolltriger, gsap and react. Is there another way to acheive this ? I have attached a codepen demo. Thanks in advanced
  13. Andy1708

    Timing animation

    Hello again starting the mainFishTL on my project (see on the codepen). the mouthScaleTween (a scale of the mouth with a yoyo) , the moveFishTween ( a slight up and down movement) and the switchFishTween run after each other and not at the same time… what am i doing wrong ? Thanks for your answer Yves
  14. Yes that make sense for me. But it is possible to repeat 3 time a child timeline (octopusTween timeline) and repeat -1 the mainTL ? i have modified the codepen in this direction. Have a look. Yves