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  1. This should work: https://codepen.io/fr3d3ric/pen/zYLwaZB
  2. Thanks Craig... I need new glasses... 😎
  3. Hi, I am tweening fill colors from 3 arrays using "gsap.utils.wrap". I can't make the second and third stagger to work... what am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help, Fred
  4. Hello, First, thank you guys for this amazing tool I am trying to play a sprite sheet in canvas using TweenMax and SteppedEase. Everything works great except that there is a black flash when the animation plays backward (yoyo:true). The sprite sheet is 7800px wide and has 26 frames. Not sure what i am doing wrong... Thanks for your help, fred TweenMax.to(forestBgd, 1.5, {dx:-7800, ease: SteppedEase.config(26), yoyo:true, repeat:-1});