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  1. Hey Dipcom, Firstly, I apologise to all you coders out there on behalf on those people like me that hack away at code without knowing what they are doing! Thanks so much for this! This is my first dip into the world of HTML. Basically, I'm print artworker at my job and we were supplied a load of html banners that our client has asked us to update (built by someone else). I've guessed and hacked at the code to try and get it to work. Guys – can't thank you enough for all your help and support.
  2. Hey Vic, Thanks so much for having a look at this – think you can tell that I'm struggling abit! 3. I almost need the buttons to overwrite the 'clicktag', at the moment, when you click the button, it activates the clicktag. 2. I've been trying various codes for buttons, but don't seem to be getting anywhere – I guess I'll search for this, although your guidance would be appreciated. Thanks again for your time!
  3. Hi folks, I'm really new to all this, but from all your tips I managed to build my first timeline. However, the good old client is turning my banner into a bit of beast and I'm struggling. Think I'm out of my depth a bit, so your help would be much appreciated! I really need your help with following: 1. <button id="infoBtn"> to start my second timeline when clicked 2. <button id="closeBtn"> to go to <div id="f4"> when clicked 3. my buttons to sit above the clicktag My code is probably in a right mess – but please bear with me, I know its a bit of hack (your thoughts would be much welcomed). Anyway, heres the Codepen to all this: http://codepen.io/jimcam/pen/VKaoqQ Thanks in advanced!!!