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  1. Many thanks for your help!!! I removed all calls to the CSSRule plugin and now break points work as normal!
  2. Hi Jonathan! Sorry, I mentioned ScrollMagic but I think this is GSAP related. What I did was to copy whole CSS before all media queries and this seems to work. However, animations of pseudo-elements using CSSRule no longer animate and they did before I changed the CSS. An example of the above is here: http://thinkingplace.org/ Code relating to these animations is: var introhintTl = new TimelineMax(); var rule = CSSRulePlugin.getRule(".h_int:after"); introhintTl.from($('.h_int'), 0.5, {y: 200, ease: Expo.easeInOut}) .from(rule, 0.3, {cssRule:{left:"-30%"}
  3. I am working on a webpage where I use ScrollMagic and GSAP for animations. I usually work on one general layout and then refine it for different screen sizes. I just divided my css by media query so I can target different screen sizes and all my animations stopped working!? The CSS is the same- the only difference is whether it is just one style or the same style divided by query. Do you know the reason for this happening?
  4. I am working on this map (not sure why the animation itself is not working on the Codepen). I made it on a 27in monitor and on a big screen it works fine. However, when I started working on the stylesheet for smaller screens I realised that this map on a typical 13in Mac laptop (1280x800) I realised that I have a bit of a white border at the bottom because the monitor is of different proportions to my image. Is there a way of stretching the SVG to cover the full height of the DIV? I tried adjusting many different parameters but none of them seem to do anything. I also noticed
  5. 335

    Animate :after

    Done! Many thanks for your help on this!
  6. 335

    Animate :after

    Hello Jonathan! Excellent! I got it to work! Many thanks for the detailed answer!!! I would now like to repeat this for several <h3> elements on the page so I wanted to give them an id but I don't know how to select them!? I tried this- var rule = CSSRulePlugin.getRule("h3#introh:after"); and also var rule = CSSRulePlugin.getRule("#introh h3:after"); but neither work. What would be the correct selector for this h3 element with an id="introh"?
  7. 335

    Animate :after

    Is there a way to animate :after pseudo-element? I have- h3 { font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; display: inline-block; font-weight: 900; font-size: 2.818rem; margin-top: 3rem; margin-bottom: 3rem; letter-spacing: -0.5px; line-height: 3rem; color: #3b3a36; overflow: hidden; } h3:after { display:block; clear:both; content : ""; position: relative; left : 0; bottom : 0; max-width:250px; height : 1px; width : 73px; bor
  8. 335

    Draw Svg polygon

    Many Thanks PointC! I tried var t1 = TweenMax.to(obj1, 10, {length:obj1.pathLength, onUpdate:drawLine1, ease:Linear.easeNone}).reverse(0) and what this does is shaw the completed line animation and then goes back to where no line is shown. Is there a way of drawing the line in the different direction A-to-B or B-to-A? Many thanks!
  9. 335

    Draw Svg polygon

    Many thanks PointC! I created the map in Illustrator and have now converted all polygons to compound paths. One more question- is it possible to reverse animation on some paths? I tried adding reverse()- function drawLine1() { orig1.style.strokeDasharray = [obj1.length,obj1.pathLength].reverse().join(' '); But this doesn't work... Also, I am considering joining Club Greenock but I do not have time to look into it properly at the moment.
  10. 335

    Draw Svg polygon

    Hello! I am trying to make an animated SVG of a complex map. I have over 120 elements in my animation. Most of these are paths but some of them are also polygons (circular). Here's a CodePen: http://codepen.io/i76/pen/vgwKKX I am a JavaScript novice. I searched this forum and found a script (in Carl's post) which allows me to draw a path- var orig1 = document.querySelector('#lineAB'); var obj1 = {length:0, pathLength:orig1.getTotalLength()}; orig1.style.stroke = '#f60'; var t1 = TweenMax.to(obj1, 10, {length:obj1.pathLength, onUpdate:drawLine1, ease:Line
  11. Hello everyone! I am only getting to grips with GSAP and I use it for relatively simple animations and effects. I was working on this website (see the opening heading)- http://www.adbmedical.com Everything works very smoothly on my local machine but on the server there is a delay and the animation plays very choppy. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? Many thanks in advance!
  12. 335

    Page/site structure

    I would be very interested to learn and I think I would definitely be able to help you to present the material... If you want to test I would be willing to participate and I think I would be a very good tester! You can message me if you like!
  13. 335

    Page/site structure

    Hi Vic! That code is very hard for me to read or understand but as I said I am not very advanced in the language! However, I have a bit more than ten years experience of teaching at university so I could definitely work with you on this. When I first started to teach and some time had gone by I started realising my own mistakes in trying to teach some complex concepts to students who are so much less clued up. Teaching what you know, what I learned as the time went by, is also a skill in itself! You should explore the whole process of learning before you start writing the book
  14. Hello Jonathan! I evidently misunderstood the question! Even though I have operational knowledge of html/css, the more I learn the more I see that in themselves these are very powerful languages and that I should study these more! The trouble with me is that I am not afraid to ask simple questions! I am a photographer and I would like to learn all these techniques in order to make interactive multi-media presentations. I read a post by PointC and I do have to agree that this forum is a very cool and supportive community of people trying to push the limits of the web. I was lea
  15. One other idea- overflow: hidden; on body or html tags could hide the scrollbar. I was solving this problem by applying overflow-x: hidden; to the div itself.