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  1. Hi and thanks for the reply as well as the welcome! With the Canvas export, one can script interactivity with JavaScript from Animate CC so that alone might be enough to achieve what I'm after. That being said, additional plugin sure is helpful! That being said, I'm not sure whether Canvas is an option (will know tomorrow). If exported SVG cannot be tied to the Timeline scripts, then it simply is out of the question. Again, thank you! I gotta say, GSAP is very impressive from what I've seen so far, well done!
  2. Hello all, a newbie here. I looked through the docs and examples, but am still a bit unsure whether the Timeline scripts could help me out with a project I'm tasked with. The project is a rather straightforward animation created in Flash/Animate which needs to be exported as SVG. The animation has four points at which the animation would need to stop. Each 'stop point' would have a corresponding button which moves the playhead backwards or forwards, depending if the clicked button is before or after where the playhead currently is at. As you might know, scripts do not go with the SVG when exporting it from Animate and so the solution would be to apply JavaScript or some such library to handle not only the navigation, but stopping the playhead at the 'stop points' or labels. Here are my initial questions/problems: * Using the TimelineLite/Max one can sequence tweens into a single timeline, but is it possible to add a single SVG animation (exported from Animate) that can be controlled with TimelineLite/Max? * Are the 'stop points' possible to implement with, say, applying labels at certain points (e.g. in seconds)? Please let me know if something needs clarification. Thanks in advance!