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  1. Wow fast response! Ah ok. Yeah I thought that might be the case, I just wasn't sure if there was a way to do it automatically so GSAP would auto prepend "#animated-stuff" onto each selector to save it being typed hundreds of times. Also makes it easier if I ever decide to change the name of the enclosing div, but I could just use template strings for that Thanks guys
  2. Hi, Apologies if this has already been answered but I couldn't find it anywhere. Is it possible to set the scope for targets in gsap? For example, imagine I have the following document: <div id="static-stuff"> <p class="info-text">Blah blah blah etc</p> </div> <div id="animated-stuff"> <p class="info-text">Blah blah blah etc</p> <p class="info-text">Blah blah blah etc</p> <ol> <li class="generic-small-text-class">Item 1</li> <li class="generic-small-text-class">Item 2</li> <li class="generic-small-text-class">Item 3</li> <li class="generic-small-text-class">Item 4</li> </ol> </div> and I want to create a complex timeline that animates lots of stuff in #animated-stuff. I can either make every selector "#animated-stuff desired-selector", or I can give each element an ID But assuming that the actual document is much more complicated, can I set (for example) gsap.timeline({targetScope: "#animated-stuff"}) and have all selectors in the timeline start at #animated-stuff? Thanks for your help, Matt
  3. @Jonathan Sorry I perhaps didn't explain very well. It's not a problem I'm experiencing, it's a project I am undertaking which has gone far enough for my own usage but which I could extend if it would benefit other users. @Carl Your right that the main purpose of ctags appears to be to find the definition of a property/function in the source but the reason I created the file is that Geany (which uses a similar but slightly different format) can use tags files to provide code hints (super useful for me getting to grips with Tween Max ). AFAIK both sublime text and notepad++ can also use crags, though I'm unsure whether they use it to provide code hints. It was never my intention that the files be added to the source but that they be available as a separate resource for anyone who wants them. I will upload the files here in case anyone wants them when I am back at my computer.
  4. Hi all. I have created a ctags file for TweenMax and wondered if there was any interest from other users before I extended this to other classes (TimelineLite/Max and various plugins). I used a modified source to create the file (ctags doesn't like the way that TweenMax is defined in the original source) and have yet to rigorously test the result, but it seems to be working for me. I have attached the file along with a tags file for Geany. I am apparently not allowed to upload this type of file If someone can suggest a reason/workaround I'd be very grateful. If anyone would like to use it or test and give feedback that would be great Note that currently the path to TweenMax.js is specified as though it is in the same directory as TweenMax.tags