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  1. Hi, Any idea how to build this fancy thing using GSAP? http://pharrellwilliams.com/ They want this effect to be insert one of the section inside a one page website, the effect is user can scroll in any direction, drag to view more & also filter effect. Now i lacking idea where to start research the effect or any example to give me idea to start with this fancy stuff. or the keyword for research? Please advice anything, because i fully stuck and hopeless now Million Thanks.
  2. Help, help, help.... I'm new to GSAP, i need to create a one page website whereby the main section is an animated carousel via slider that look like this: http://assets.wwf.org.uk/custom/foodstory/ ​its a carousel with slider bar, that user can drag the slider to view the animation. the slider some more is need design as per example. OMG but i really no idea how/where to start with it. can i have an example to refer with? ( Please & TQVM T.T