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    straggerfrom issue

    hi, I made ​​an animation with the fingers of the characters , as you can see from my codepen . I used TweenMax.staggerFrom so you can move each finger with a small delay . but I have a problem, how can I say that the animation should begin from the beginning all together ? Now the animation starts from an hand per time , but I would to say that all the hands they need to start the animation of the fingers at the same time , without any delay. maybe it is better don't use staggerFrom for my scope? any help, suggestion or advice? many thanks
  2. I would like to do "complex" animation with gsap and svgs, but I don't know what is the best approach to this. it is better to create and to import an unique svg with inside all the elements or maybe it is better 4 different svgs? I have 4 different characters: a tree, a lamp, a desk and a man. basically my animation is move the objects on the x, and appearing and to disappearing stuff. any help, suggestion or advice? I started to study gsap a few days ago, and i am still new to this many thanks