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  1. Hi guys, Thank you for your awesome work, I've created an animation with TweenMax (I know my code is far from good code you'ld like to see), however for now I have two concerns: 1. I can't get it work in IE 11 and MS Edge, tried different versions but can't find the issue 2. Wanted to play animation when user in that section, I've tried with Scrollmagic, but after that my page started infinite loading. Can you advise please? You can see the code in the Codepen URL. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have an animation which should be working without stopping, but after some time don't know why it stops without errors and starts again after page load. For repeating I use this code var tlProducts = new TimelineMax({repeat: -1, yoyo: true, force3D: true}); Is there any idea about the reason? Also as you see in the attached fiddle I have a code to stop certain animation on mouseover, but it's not working well too.What's wrong with my code? Please advise, Thanks in advance. Edit: Animation stopping seems more obvious after hovering element.
  3. Thanks for your help Jonathan, This gave me motivation and idea to solve what I need. Your quick responses really help me a lot and save my time. Thanks!
  4. Hello my Dear Gsap team, I've struggled with this issue, hope you can lighten my mind. I have several timelines in one page, for different animations. This certain one should animate my items top and bottom, but when I hover on one, it should stop only "$this" element, and not the other animations. Also can you please advise how can I separate timelines from each other, maybe with name or anything else, to use them in different events. Sorry for my simple questions, I'm not much experienced in Gsap and js Thanks in advance))
  5. Hi all, @Jonathan, Thanks a lot for useful links. @PointC, Great solution, I hope one day I can be such a professional in gsap as you're guys. Thanks Thanks Thanks!
  6. Hi Jonathan, Thank you a lot for your efforts. This can help me much. Hope I can buy it after learning to use other options here, now I'm trying to dig into Gsap.
  7. I want to draw a multiple simple stepped line with animation, like it's done here http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/WbNBwO . But I'm NOT a club member , so I can't do this with drawSVG. Is there any chance to do it with gsap but without drawSVG. Thanks in advance.