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  1. 🤣 hah very nice nice joke @GreenSock @nicofonseca I Am really appreciated, thanks for helping 👍
  2. Hi @nicofonseca 👋 "el scroll loco" 😂 sounds very cool! This bug I can see in my Safari 13.1.3 (15609.4.1) I have created a little video from my screen you can see the video on youtube
  3. Hello everyone! I express my deep gratitude to the community. There is a problem when objects disappear and appear while scrolling (banner-big children). How can I fix this?
  4. https://codepen.io/alexey-perekrestov/pen/NWWVerL
  5. Thank you a lot guys
  6. Do you know any good tutorials about it?
  7. Yes it is. You can see my animation https://youtu.be/vX4DQ9KCTDY
  8. Hey. Sorry. My file is attached now. And my code pen is empty. Because i don't know what can i write there. What do you think, is this possible? Do the cool snow animation around the wheel
  9. Hi every one. What do you think about snow animation into a wheels? See attached picture. Which library can i use?
  10. Thank you alot. Now animation is perfect. =) And i will use codped. Promise
  11. Hi there. I am new user, and i don't know why my picture is jerks when picture zoom in and zoom out. Could you halp me please? I recorded screen video. You can see it. Jerk.zip