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  1. Thanks for the reply guys, really helped out a lot. In the end we decided to go with the class extension of Ease as that seemed like a clean way to do it. Here is how it turned out. class springEase extends Ease { constructor(tension, friction) { super() this.spring = new RK4({tension: tension, friction: friction}); this.time = this.spring.time() } getRatio(progress) { progress = this.spring.step(); return progress } } var ease = new springEase(200, 10) new TimelineMax().to(box, ease.time, { delay: 1, x: 400, y: 400, ease })
  2. Hello! I'm currently using TimelineMax() to create a timeline for a custom Easing function. The custom Ease is working as expected, so there are no problems with that. However, I came across a part in the docs where it mentioned the config() method could be used with newer versions of Greensock instead of the standard extraParams method. This is how I'm passing parameters at the moment: new TimelineMax().to(box, springTiming, { delay: 1, x: 400, ease: new Ease(springFrame, [spring]) }) How would I be able to use the config() method to pass it the same way? Also, would it be beneficial in doing so? Thanks in advance.