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  1. I have done it. I have commented inside TweenMax.js the line: module.exports = _exports[moduleName] = cl; and replaced by: module.exports = _exports; Image:
  2. Hello. I am trying to use GSAP with node.js WITHOUT polluting the global scope. I am ussing nw.js (so, I have available the window object) First I do: npm install gsap --save Then in my Tween.js: var gs = window.GreenSockGlobals = {}; require('gsap'); console.log(gs); // logs empty object console.log(window.GreenSockGlobals); // logs empty object console.log(window); // logs the window object, with ALL the GSAP stuff in it console.log(window.TweenLite); // logs tweenlite object I don't want to have all the GSAP stuff in the global scope. I want to have it in a specified object. Thanks.