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  1. Don't use `window.addEventListener("load"...)` inside `document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded"..)`!!! Sometimes in Safari window load works earlier then `DOMContentLoaded` so your code will get error why do you call ScrollTrigger but never use? Jack give you instruction how to migrate to gsap 3 It should be const notifyTL = gsap.timeline({paused: true})
  2. Hi! I'm not sure that you need for this task create plugin. And i don't understand what animation do you want Check my example, maybe it helps you. https://codepen.io/gregOnCodePen/pen/qBmbREJ?editors=0010
  3. Hi! can you give more information what does it mean?
  4. I don't see any problem with this. You can hire onLeave callback
  5. Hi @Chipsa! Please create a minimal demo on codepen its hard to answer without any code.
  6. Can you check does .targetX exist. When did you call mounted () function?
  7. Hi! Welcome to the GreenSock forum! How do you refresh (and what did you refresh: DOM, variables, page...)? i don't understand hot to test your code. You can create minimal Vue demo in codepen?
  8. Hi! if i understand you, you want change opacity from 100 to 0 when scroll from 0 to 100vh? speed = distance / time You can't change time of scrolling but you can change distance
  9. Hi! In scrolltrigger documentation page you will find a lot of examples (on bottom of the page), i think you will find what you want there. Or you can find examples in ScrollTrigger Demos page.
  10. Hi @samanway! You can SplitText (only for Club GreenSock members) by char (typer: "char") and animate it how you want. In your example they change for only few letters with: font-weight: 400; font-stretch: 170%; For trigger animation on scroll just use ScrollTrigger plugin (free plugin)
  11. Hi @DD77 I'm not sure that i understand you well toggleClass add/remove class to trigger element I add in css .active { color: red !important; } and change panels.forEach((panel, i) => {....} part https://codepen.io/gregOnCodePen/pen/gOmRyRP?editors=0110 That what you need?
  12. Hi @AriRan Please check SplitText plugin and ScrollTrigger plugin you can create animation with with SplitText and control it on scroll with ScrollTrigger
  13. This is part of Club GreenSock https://greensock.com/club/
  14. There is two questions as i se: move svg with gsap - you can (on this forum you will find many answers and examples, its simple task for gsap) detect collision - you can (i sent a link with example of detection) So if you will try and create a minimal demo we can give a more specific answer. The same task you can create with pixi.js + gsap, three.js + gsap or native js
  15. Hi @fd_alistair There is many variations for your idea You can read forum about SVG and about Collision