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  1. If you put all your objects into an array you could use staggerTo. var textFields = [tf1, tf2, tf3, tf4, tf5]; TweenMax.staggerTo(textFields, 0, {alpha:0}, 0); See: https://greensock.com/asdocs/com/greensock/TweenMax.html#staggerTo()
  2. Thanks. Yes I am in Europe. Perfect @Carl I had thought it was attached to an instance. I hadn't realised it applied globally.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm making animation for broadcast and work in 50 fields per second. So it isn't a particular animation I want help with, I just want to be able to count in frames at a rate of 50 fps. When using flash I set the frame rate of the stage and that was fine. I'm looking for the equivalent as I migrate. I presume that when I set the timeline to useFrames it is using 60fps? So if I set timeScale(0.833333) I will get 50 fps approx? It seems the easiest way is for me to alter the Ticker class to make 50 the default value. But ideally fps would exist as a variable that is passed from the tween to its ticker and from a timeline to a tween to a ticker.
  4. If I create a new Timeline set to use frames for timing eg. var tl = new TimelineMax({ useFrames: true }); How do I set the frame rate of the timeline? The only example I can find is for setting the frame rate is for a tween, rather than a timeline, and the ticker property doesn't exist for a timeline. TweenLite.ticker.fps(60); I am migrating some flash animations to JS and I need a frame rate of 50. is it possible to set a frame rate for the whole timeline? Thanks.
  5. Support for this has been waning for a while - if you really are ditching it for good, have you considered open sourcing your as3 modules?
  6. Thanks. I'm using actionscript and that plugin doesn't seem to exist here, is there an alternative?
  7. Hi I am trying to change a text value in an animation using a timeline, for example, i'd like the text to animate off, the value to update, and then animate on again. I need to know that the animate on doesn't start until the text value has changed. I hoped to be able to use the timline.set(textfield, {text:"NewValue"}); but it seems that set/tween can only use numeric values? How can I best achieve this result?