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  1. Thanks a lot Carl for the alternative solution! I could do that but it would add a lot of unnecessary complexity to my code. I'm using a timeline where i animate different elements properties as individual timelines, kind of like keyframes. Found that GreenSock gives me the perfect solution for this kind of nesting. Thanks a lot Jack, it worked really well!! Impressive to have a fix in place that fast
  2. Hi guys, I got kind of the same issue but when i combine two or more instances of TimelineMax. As soon a rotationZ and a skewY is appended the same time the first of these will be removed / invisible... It doesn't happen with any other properties than these so try change skewY to skewX and it works. Check my example here: https://jsfiddle.net/eric_jacobsson/4u4xenej/1/ I'm using 1.19.0. Thanks, Eric