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  1. It's really amazing, thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate it. I'll try to work on my own project and make a codepen demo for the other guys with some cool effects
  2. Thank you so much OSUblake it was the exact thing that I wanted, and it really explained it so well, so I think that I could understand each line of the code! Thanks again for mentioning this page.
  3. Hello there! I was wondering ,how could I make a bouncy line with Gsap? I mean, like when we move the mouse over it, it stretches in the same Y or X position of the mouse. best example is this website : waaark.com/ which is made by using Gsap as an animation Engine, when you hover the mouse on the right side elements, you can see it has a stretching effect, which is awesome! I wanna know, how could I make something like (or near) that effect, thanks. best regards s.rb
  4. Hello guys, problem solved : My silly mistake in css, didn't put px for the 0 values! please delete this post if its irrelevant. I'm tryin to make a Tree Chart, with some basic tweens, I was working on it in a different Html file and everything was okay, but as soon as I copied it in my main project file (even codepen) some of them, doesnt show up. I've attached my codepen, and you can check that "CsecondLineHorizontalstop" Class, which has width:0px in css, doesnt get the specified width in the tween! Thank you , Best Regards s.rb
  5. Hi there. I was working on a tween and after finishing it I decided to put it into an onClick function, my problem is I only want it to work once after clicking on the button, I know I have to use the pause() or kill() method, but my problem is where should i pause it ? $('#home').click(function(){ //"Context" animation var secPageh1 = document.getElementById("secPageContext"); var tm = TweenMax.from(secPageh1,1.5,{left:350,autoAlpha:0,delay:0.3,ease: Power2.easeOut}); }); this is my onClick function but I dont know how to make it pause after 1 time running. Thank you
  6. Thank you Carl , Jonathan It kinda solved my problem, And I have to say , Till now, I couldn't see any issue in GSAP and I wish it gets better and better. (congrats to the founders and GSAP progammers)
  7. Hello guys. I'm back with another question well, I want to know is there any other way that I could trigger the ending point instead of using href tag? The only way that I've found to do this, is using transform matrix property of css. I wanted to use greensock ScrollTo property in order to animate the scrolling process,but as it seems Gsap uses href property in order to find the destination. Is there anyother way so that I could do this without referring the href ? I have an example website but I don't know what he's been using for doing this, and I can mention it here if it might help. Thank you very much. S.rb
  8. Solved the problem xD I'll mention the solution here for those who have same problem as me I'll double checked my entire Js code, and I was sure that it's completely okay,so I thought that it might be the css! and I was right I had to hidden the overflow because of the wrapper width (which is more than the viewport), but my problem was, I've accidently set the overflow property to hidden for both my "BODY" and the "Wrapper" which is wrong, and when I removed the overflow property from the wrapper, it works Perfect xD anyway, Thank you Carl , because of your fast answer; and sorry if I took your time, because of an accidental issue.
  9. Hello everybody, I'll just get right into the work xD here is the thing, I was trying to animate the scrolling process with tweenMax but I kinda don't know what exactly is going on with my code. so I'll just thought that you guys could help me with it, here is the scrolling section (which I customized a codepen that was nearly what I wanted it) : var wrapper = $("#wrapper"), $menu = $(".navbar"); $menu.on("click","a", function(){ var $this = $(this), href = $this.attr("href"), topX = $(href).offset().left; TweenMax.to($(window), 2, { scrollTo:{ x: topX, autoKill: true }, ease:Elastic }); return false; }); What I want to do is, when the user clicked on the tag "a" which is in the "li" tag, the page would scroll into the specified page. (which is Left to right, instead of top to bottom that's why I've changed the offset into left) I don't know what is wrong with my code, when I set the return to True, it scrolls to the page but tweenmax doesn't work! Thank you so much, S.Rb
  10. Hello PointC Thanks a lot for such a fast asnwer,really fascinated by that I know petr and I've seen some of his toturials in youtube, thank you again for the answer and the links you mentioned, I have definitely got my answer.
  11. Hello Greensock. this is my first topic here xD little newbie with Gsap. As I mentioned in the Title , I need a lit a bit help with scroll event. I want to fire animation after certain amount of scrolling. I'd be really appreciated if you could give me a toturial or a hint about it. Thank you so much Best Regards, S.Rb