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  1. A search of greensock.com turns up very little for information on .setTween I get the feeling .setTween is being retired. Can anybody point me to the documentation for .setTween? Thanks in advance!
  2. Jerrys

    Sliding door?

    Now it's working. Sorry. It was really an HTML question. But I was happy to see how you guys work. Thanks!
  3. Jerrys

    Sliding door?

    Still not working. You know I like the way the text looks on Joe's. Does yours look the same?
  4. Jerrys

    Sliding door?

    Thanks Joe. That'll probably work best. Jonathan, yours didn't seem to work in my browser.
  5. Jerrys

    Sliding door?

    Just imagine a door that slides inside a frame that is concealed before you slide it closed. So when it is half done, you only see half the door. I never should have mentioned scaling. I'm just wondering broadly how to do that. I'm pretty sure I could work out the details. Maybe somebody has a clever idea. Can I use z value effectively with gsap to determine which <div>s are on top? Or, in my sliding door example, on bottom?
  6. Jerrys

    Sliding door?

    What's the easiest way to slide a square div into position from the side so that it appears to scale horizontally from 0% to 100%? Do I have to somehow use a mask? Thanks!
  7. How about iPads? I read something recently that made me think that scroll runs into problems in iPads. I even went to amazon to look at the book for velocity.js and around p. 135 they mention scroll and touchpads and say that a full discussion is beyond the scope of the book! Well, it's not as bad as reading font contracts. No forums with guys like Shaun to help a grasshopper out there. Carl, everytime I post, I have to identify mountains or trees.
  8. Thanks Shaun! That'll certainly get me started. Will that work on all the browsers? Do you have a donate button somewhere? I want to send you a six-pack!
  9. Thanks! Let me see! Fingers crossed!
  10. All I want is to use waypoints to trigger an alert when I scroll and get to a div with id=project01. I am using the the non-jQuery version, ie the no frameworks version of waypoints. I will iink to the no frameworks version of waypoints in my HTML with script tags. I will also link to a main.js file. The main.js file at the moment only has that snippet. It does not work. All I need is the entire main.js file that will trigger an alert. Once I have that, I will animate better than Looney Tunes and I will do it all with GSAP. I will be heralded and win many prizes and do GSAP proud.
  11. I'm looking right at it. But I believe you too! Forums are acting stranger and stranger. Here it is again: http://imakewebthings.com/waypoints/
  12. Yes Shaun. I linked to before I introduced the snippet.
  13. No worries. I'll find some other bench to sleep on... But yes, I checked out all those links I'm pretty sure. But I'll check again.
  14. There isn't really much to put in a codepen. Most of it would just be that snippet. I just can't determine whether that is sufficent for a .js file or whether it needs more around it. Safari doesn't like it. But that's all the guy has on his web page. T.S. Elliot said: Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.