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  1. Hi again, I want to delay the tweenFromto by a second or two. I would like Deconstructed to morph into lines, then delay, then reverse tween until the "stopHere" label. I tried to google and play around but only messed it up. I tried delays, pauses, etc...and found an article about having to store the tweenFromTo reference and pause the reference instead...but I have no idea how to do that. Any help is much appreciated. http://codepen.io/Karenhuang/pen/jAdgGq
  2. Thank you guys so much! This is awesome and exactly what I am looking for! The comments in code pen are really helpful as well. I'll definitely subscribing so I can utilize the Morph SVG plugin.
  3. Hello, I am completely new to Javascript and GSAP so my questions might be really stupid...I've played around with it for a few days but have not been able to figure out. I created these paths in AI so that the word "DECONSTRUCTED" will morph into lines - which I have been able to do in the codepen URL. However, I want it to YOYO back and stop when it gets to "c" and then have the "E" and "D" morph to a red (Or whatever color) "E" and a red "R" - so spelling out "RECONSTRUCTED". http://codepen.io/Karenhuang/pen/XKPqWo Any help would be much appreciated. And I am a Javascript newbie so I really don't understand any of the syntax. Everything I have done is through forking and trial/error. Thank you.