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  1. I figured that I was also using an old version of tweenmax that wasn't adding the translate alongside the matrix for some reason. Sample of it working as I wanted: http://d.crabcreative.com/gm/v5/gallery.html
  2. You are awesome! It's exactly that!!! Thank you soooo much!
  3. ouch, that was a quick response. Thank you! Not exactly that. The "elastic" feedback I can kind of replicate with a simple delay, the major issue I'm having is the amount the 2 boxes move. Trying to be more clear: I want that, when the mouse moves, the 2 cards behind the card in front move 5 to 10 px to the opposite side, based on the primary card. For example, if the mouse is on the top right of the DOM, the 2 cards should be 5px and 10px respectively on bottom, left of the first card. Maybe this will make it easier to understand, since the codepen demo isn't that good visually. http://d.crabcreative.com/gm/v4/gallery.html
  4. I'm trying to make a behaviour that feels kind of elastic, that when the user moves is mouse (and in the future, his phone), the cards behind the current one move away with a delay between each other. The problem is that for it to be as I visioned it, it would need to move away, based on the centred card, with the exact same values for top/left and bottom/right (confusing, I know, but I hope you understand what I meant). Can you give a little help? PS: For some reason, the demo on codepen isn't adding the transform: translate(-50%, -50%) when the element loads. On my localhost it works as intended... If need be, I can post a sample of what I have locally working. Thank you