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  1. This is science-fiction. When i post the Codepen, it doesn't work, and now it works perfectly. Maybe due to Chrome's update. Sorry for the useless topic. And thanks for the quick answer.
  2. Hi, I wanted to move the height of a div with tweenlite... TweenLite.to('div', 10, {bottom: '85%'}); But, it's not work. The value jump to 0 and doesn't take the original value of 80%. The element is not define with height but with position: absolute. position: absolute; top: 10%; bottom: 80%; left: 50%; right: 40%; I wanted to signal this and know if it's "normal" or if it's just me. My Codepen test : http://codepen.io/Sixclones/pen/PzdmoB Thank for answer Sixclones