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  1. Hi guys, Is the a way to enable multi touch / finger on a draggable object? i.e - Current draggable doesn't allow you to drag with more than one finger. Is the a way to add that feature ? Thanks.
  2. Hi Carl, I have been playing around with the code snippet you sent and i am heading in the right direction of achieving the effect we wanted. Thanks so much for all your help. You guys have been super helpful and i do appreciate all the time. Thanks again.
  3. Hi guys, Any ideas regarding my previous question? Thanks
  4. Hi Blake, Just another feature i am trying to add to this project. How would i go about adding a left and right button to this carousel and also how can i make the middle image scale up as it comes into the middle (like 0.8 scale on both sides and 1 in the middle). Thanks so much for your help so far. Cheers
  5. Gold!!! This works perfectly. Outstanding stuff. Thanks so much.
  6. Hi guys, I have tried using this as a snap value snap:{ x: function(endValue) { var _snap = Math.round(endValue / boxWidth) * boxWidth; return _snap; } } but after dragging a few times, it seems as if there is an offset been applied and doesn't snap to the middle.... In short, How do i go about add a snap that is consistent. Thanks
  7. Guys, you've both been outstanding with the support and help. Thanks so much and i will share a link to the project once its completed. Thanks again!!
  8. I am experience a massive performance hit due to having about 100 of this individual divs containing images and texts. Any other way of accomplishing this? Thanks
  9. Thanks guys, That's exactly what i wanted. I have try this ideas out and let you know. Thanks again
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. Here is a sample codepen http://codepen.io/elololex/pen/akrkAJ I want it to be able to loop (Although i am using numbers, each div will contain images and text as well) PS. The data will be loaded in from a database so the will be dynamic. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, I am currently using draggable for a horizontal timeline and its working great. Is there a way of looping the content to the start onces i've gotten to the end or loop to the to the start at the end? would anyone please point me in the right direction. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the direction guys. Turns out it was the touch screen i was prototyping with which was causing the issues. Thanks
  13. Hi guys, I have a three column grid with images that the users can scroll (kind of an infinite scroll) simultaneous using Draggable. I have run into an issue where at this point only one user can drag at a time. Any ideas on getting multi drag at the same time working? Thanks