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  1. Hi thank you both of you! you guys are awesome! because my english its not the best sometimes it hard to explain exactly what i want...anyway carl got me and he answer straight thanks again!
  2. Hi there, before a couple days a friend of the forum show me how to run svg's one after another and so on... i need something different if its possible and if anyone can help me with it, i need to have 4 svgs to the same position and when the first animation complete the first svg goes hidden and in his position comes the second one starting its animation and this continues as a loop best regards george douvogiannis
  3. Hi PointC and thanks for answering, that was my originally post, and thats why i didnt set this as solved... im glad you answer my question and it helps me alot, as i mention before because im not javascript expert but im trying to find answers through web thanks for your answer you guys you rocks thanks for everything Best Regards George Douvogiannis
  4. Great! thanks again mikel! best regards george douvogiannis
  5. Hi mikel, thanks a million for your help to this i was looking a whole day how to work with this and not include to a var 45 ids...this is awesome! is it possible to help me with one more thing? i have multiple svgs into a page in a rows and i want when im "seeing" in my browser a specific row then that svg start running...now all of these play on document ready action. thanks again for your help! Best regards george douvogiannis
  6. Hi there, first im not expert on jquery but im trying hard to make this happend this is a codepen that im trying to make but it still not working well...dont know why but if you could help me with it it will be awesome. http://codepen.io/geodou/pen/XMzYmg About those ids, i try to find how make this works without using all of these ids sets in js but i didnt find any answer, i have multiple svg's in some pages so i must use ids or classes to make this happend with out conflicts each other. i have some rows in my design so i need everytime to view a section in broswer triger the sv
  7. Hi there, im trying to load an animation drawing only ONCE when im on the elements that i have it include, the problem is that the animation playing again and again when i scroll down or up after its finished this is my js : jQuery(window).scroll(function(event) { if(jQuery(".ergoback").offset().top < jQuery(window).scrollTop() + jQuery(window).outerHeight()) { var fl = new TimelineLite(); var paths = "#path1,#path2,#path3,#path4,#path5,#path6,#path7,#path8,#path9,#path10,#path11,#path12,#path13,#path14,#path15,#path16,#path17,#path18,#path19,#path20,#path21,#path22,#path23,#path