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  1. hi @Sahil thanks alot ... I can not divide the circle into several parts and change the slider according to each one. And I'm very tired Can you help me?
  2. thanks @sahil it's work but 2 question . indicator stop at end of circle . how can enable loop for rotatet? and how detect location of indicator to show relative boxes ??
  3. hi i want create circle draggable slider , but i can't . draggable plugin (rotation:rotation)just work on item that select , but i need to drag with an indicator and rotate between states and show related box ... Is it possible?
  4. Yes, unfortunately, I was wrong. I've copied the file link from the demo I'm sorry and thanks for your guidance ...
  5. thank you alote man .. This time I used the club links , look at this download link and cdn version--> https://greensock.com/draggable
  6. hi i need create a dragable area that draged between 3 labels (like attached file) i want create a vertical dragable like codepen demo , but i have 2 problems, 1- i can not limit dragable area (just drag between blue area in codepen demo). 2- how can detect Which of these labels is selected to show box 1 , 2 or 3 thanks alot
  7. just a question I need to set autoAlpha to 0 at end of animation i use staggerto , but not work how can do it??
  8. yeeees thank you dear friend
  9. hi , I want the items to rotate serially, like the attached image But the problem that exists is that, between repetition of animation, a multithreading distance occurs, despite the delay being set to zero. The next problem is, I need to get the transparency value of the items after passing half of the animation to zero. I used the Multiple staggerto method, but the second method does not apply Help me please Thanks
  10. Hi @proweb1991,


    in which country are you living?


    Best regards


    1. proweb1991


      hi @mikel

      I live in Iran ... 

  11. proweb1991

    ocean wave

    yes , i missed it and i'm upset thank you for your suggest, good luck
  12. proweb1991

    ocean wave

    Thanks for your helps Unfortunately, because of my country's financial and banking system, I can not be a member of the club, and I can not download the morph svg plugin. I do not know what to do, I think I have to use the @OSUblake code sample Thanks again
  13. proweb1991

    ocean wave

    hi i need create a line loop like ocean wave like this link: https://www.spa.nl/ ( just lines like my codepen url) . but i can't can anyone help me?
  14. thank carl on window scroll , if can get current section , and find next or prev section ( Detected according to direction ) and run scrollTo with defined id , maybe work ... but how? i can not detect and run plugin
  15. proweb1991

    smooth scroll

    hi ... i want create a smooth scroll effect , i have 5 section , and want create smooth scroll effect between sections on page scroll like http://www.combidome.com/#/start with ScrollToPlugin , in ScrollToPlugin docs , i don't find any solution for on scroll event , all example show click event for run scrolltoplugin !! can any1 help me??