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  1. Hello im trying to make the section marquee to be pin and animate the box to without adding space or overlap other section is this possible?
  2. hello i struggle with this code when i click the navigation it work fine. when i click on the close button i dont want to reverse the animation but to clearPros and if the menu is open to play animation again
  3. hello here it the code. i may use it for several block, but some time it wont have .staggerInFirst , so there is way to put an if / else to check it this box have staggerInFirst then execute the tl ? gsap.utils.toArray('.staggerIn').forEach((staggerIn, i) => { let tlstaggerIn = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: staggerIn, start: "top 70%", } }); tlstaggerIn.from(staggerIn.querySelectorAll('.staggerInFirst'), {opacity:0 , duration: 0.5, y:-10}) .from(staggerIn.querySelectorAll('.staggerInStagger'), {opacity:0 , duration: 0.5, y: 10, stagger: .25,},) });
  4. @mikel Ohh yeahhh very nice but there is a way to make it on one time scroll ? like : i scroll one time, the green section take full width then we can scroll to other section normally ? thanks
  5. @ZachSaucier Thanks, unfortunately i dont have any link or video for this effect, but to be clear i just want to do 1 thing: on Scroll i just want to make the blue overlay to move from left to right first then switch to next section may be we can say like a reveal animation, on scroll the blue overlay goes from left to right then the 2 section reveal.
  6. Hello , i want to know if there is a better way to do so in gsap, and also to know if is this possible on scroll to make the blue ".panel_overlay" animate first and at end of it make the next section ".panel_two apear", without showing the white body. Thanks
  7. Hello thank for the help but in the thread , i dont see if it possible to do one in horizontal or if there is a better way to do so.
  8. hello, i just need a little help on one animation i want to scroll to the next section with one mousewheel interaction in a horizontal animation. also if possible to still have the vertical scrollbar but not the horizontal one. thanks if anyone could help me