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  1. Thank you for your quick response. it would be nice if you could clearly document about this difference between TweenLite and TweenMax.
  2. I think I finally managed to simulate it.. Here it is http://codepen.io/jud_ben/pen/VjzPxo this is what i think the issue is, opacity/autoalpha works only with TweenMax and not with TweenLite
  3. At work we have the full club membership and I have a copy of the full downloads and that's what i am using in my project. Not the codepen version.. Everything else works(drawssvg, tweening timelines) except for the show/hide feature.. I am unable to replicate the issue in codepen I can make my project public and share the url that has the issue.. But I cannot post it in the forum as it involes lot of official assets.. Can I send the url privately to the gasp team so they can have a look at the issue?
  4. autoAlpha or Opacity does not work for me.. or any other method to fade/hide elements is not working. I am using TweenLite,TimelineMax and DrawSVG plugin in my project. It works when I do a codepen but in my actual project it does not work. Has anyone faced this issue. I have checked everything and don't seem to find a solution.. I will try to simulate a codepen of this issue and update this post. Having a paid membership with GSAP gets you help from GSAP team?