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  1. Yes, actually in our office half of them can reproduce it and half can't. Don't worry about it we told the client it's a Safari bug that gets fixed updating the browser. At the end we just disabled that small animation in safari and that's all. If you really want to see it I think all iPhones had the issue. Thank's for all the support
  2. That's weird, I'm using version 12.0.2 (13606. and it just looks like the transform-origin is moved left a lot. Meanwhile in the other browsers it's working on the desired place.
  3. Hi, So this is a simple rotation animation that works well on all browsers but Safari. Can't figure out why this is happening. Any ideas? (Chrome for desired results, Safari for wrong ones) Thanks!
  4. No worries. Thank's for your time!
  5. Hi! Website still having really poor performance on safari and we all are out of solutions, any more ideas? Thank's
  6. Hi, first of all let me say congratulations for your great job, gsap definetly changed my career by now. So... I made a codepen for you isolating one animation of our last website that do not render well on safari. Surprise! On codepen it works perfectly... I'm still writing asking for help but I will understand if you can't or do not want, due to the website has another addons like scrollmagic etc etc. I posted the codepen ( use it as reference on what we want ) and here goes the website: http://brand.uoc.edu. As you can see on Safari absolutely all goes slow and jumping. Any ideas? Thanks in advance and congrats again for the great job! PS: My apologize for the english