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  1. Thanks that's fantastic! I actually want the animation to play / reverse as the scroller goes past the start marker, but if I change the second callback to use onLeaveBack as shown in the pen below, it seems to break the animation? https://codepen.io/usefuldigital/pen/ZEOLOpb
  2. when an animation attached to a scrollTrigger plays in reverse, is it possible to make it play faster, say twice as fast?
  3. Fantastic thank you very much for the really helpful replies guys!
  4. I'm interested in creating a background effect similar to this page: http://www.gettyendless.com/ Just the initial effect where the background images are rotating on what looks to be a 3D axis, and are reactive to the mouse cursor. Is this possible with GSAP? Any tips much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi guys I've set up this animation using SVG. I want to have the infinity symbol always 50% filled and the animation to loop forever: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/AXoZpY It's the last (3rd) step of the animation I'm having trouble with. When the start of the line hits 100% the other end should be on... 150%? Back on 50%? Neither of those work. Many thanks for all your help!